36th Annual Fall Classic Seminar
Northeastern Ohio Academy of Podiatric Medicine
7:50-8:00Course Introduction and WelcomeMark Mendeszoon, DPM
8:00-8:30Management of Achilles TendinosisElizabeth Sanders, DPM
8:30-9:00Cases from Puerto RicoElizabeth Sanders. DPM
9:00-9:30How Digital Technologies are Changing Athletic FootwearPaul Langer, DPM
9:30-10:00AVN of Second Metatarsal: Now WhatHayley Iosue, DPM
10:15-10:45Atypical Leg PainHayley Iosue, DPM
10:45-11:15MIS Surgery: taking the long road but ending up in the same spotElizabeth Hewitt, DPM
11:15-11:45Flat Foot Surgery: Is there anything elseElizabeth Hewitt, DPM
11:45-12:15Pediatric Sports Medicine Surgical CasesAlec Dierksheide, DPM
12:15-1:00NonCECH Lunch and Learn:Uncontrolled Gout, A Progressive Inflammatory Disease with Systemic ComplicationDavid Mandel, MD
1:00-1:45Pitfalls of EMR and Medical MalpracticeFred Hilow, ESQ
1:45-2:15Social Determinants of Health Care and Why it is Important to Your PracticeSarah Abshier, DPM
2:15-2:45Recent Coding Changes that Could Affect Your PracticeSarah Abshier, DPM
2:45-3:30Ten Healthy Habits to Manage Your WeightMeghann Featherstun, RD
3:30-3:45Macronutrient Needs For Body Composition ChangesMeghann Featherstun, RD
4:15-4:45Treatment of Refractory Gout Arthritis and its Systemic ComplicationsDavid Mandel, MD
4:45-5:15Treatment of Peroneal Tendon InjuriesDan Reubens, DPM
FRIDAY, OCTOBER 20th, 2023
8:00-8:30Treatment of MRSA InfectionsBryan Caldwell, DPM, MD
8:30-9:00Edema Management for Wound HealingTeresa Carman, MD
9:00-9:30Columnar Fixation in Diabetic NeuropathyMike Subik, DPM
9:30-10:00Diabetic Foot & Ankle TraumaJoshua Moore, DPM
10:15-10:45 3 D Printing: Just because we can, should we?Peter Highlander, DPM
10:45-11:15Objective Parameters in Determining Fusion with Porous Titanium Ankle CagesPeter Highlander, DPM
11:15-12:00Approach to Fracture Related Infection & Chronic OsteomyelitisNando Ferreira, MD
12:30-1:00Keynote Speaker: Jenn Suhr. Olympic Gold & Silver Medalist, World Champion & World Record Holder. My 17 year career battling injuries at the Highest LevelJenn Suhr
1:00-1:45A Pragmatic Approach to Lower Limb Deformity AnalysisFranz Birkholz, MD
1:45-2:30Advances on Ponsetti Club Foot DeformityMitzi Williams, DPM
2:30-3:15Total Ankle Joint Replacement: my 22 year experienceLarry DiDomenico, DPM
3:30-4:15Lapidus vs Ludloff
Evans Osteotomy vs Calcaneal Medial Slide Osteotomy
Amol Saxena, DPM
4:15-4:45Correction of Complex Foot & Ankle Deformities using Hexapod Circular External FixationMikhail Samchukov, MD
4:45-5:15Constrained vs Non-Constrained Hinges for Ankle EquinusMikhail Samchukov, MD
Saturday, October 21st, 2023
8:00-8:30Split Peroneal Lateral Ankle StabilizationLarry DiDomenico, DPM
8:30-9:00Lisfranc InjuriesJoshua Moore, DPM
9:00-9:30Healthcare Disparities Effecting Wound ManagementWindy Cole, DPM
9:30-10:00Wound Care: The Patientís JourneyWindy Cole, DPM
10:15-10:45Management of Knee Injuries: What Lower Extremity Specialist Should KnowJamie Delvecchio, DO
10:45-11:15Orthoplastics 101Coleman Claugherty, DPM
11:15-11:45Osteochondral LesionsStephen Kearns, MD
11:45-12:15Management of Diabetic NeuropathyJason Snyder, DPM
1:00-1:30Management of Diabetic NeuropathyJason Snyder, DPM
1:30-2:00Defining Back Pain & Lower Extremity ImplicationsTodd Sinett, DC
2:00-2:30Skin Conditions in AthletesNikki Sarkisian, DO
2:30-3:00Pediatric Musculoskeletal Sports InjuriesNikki Sarkisian, DO
3:15-3:45Rehabilitation Process for TendinopathyAlexander Albright, DPT
3:45-4:15Diabetic Foot Offloading Surgical ProceduresAdrienne Estes, DPM
4:15-4:45Treatment of Foot & Ankle Trauma with External FixationAli Saleh, DPM
4;45-5:15So You Want to Do Surgery: Why I am BaldMark Mendeszoon, DPM
5:15-5:30ReflectionsMark Mendeszoon, DPM